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1. A research paper is a brief report of research work based on
A. Primary Data only
B. Secondary Data only
C. Both Primary and Secondary Data
D. None of the above
Ans:- C
2 . Newton gave three basic laws of motion. This research is categorized as
A. Sample Survey
B. Applied Research
C. Descriptive Research
D. Fundamental Research
Ans:- D
3. A group of experts in a specific area of knowledge assembled at a place and prepared a syllabus for a new course. The process may be termed as
A. Seminar
B. Workshop
C. Conference
D. Symposium
Ans:- B
4. In the process of conducting research “Formulation of Hypothesis” is followed by
A. Analysis of Data
B. Collection of Data
C. Statement of Objectives
D. Selection of Research Tools
Ans:- B
5 . Which one of the following methods is best suited for mapping the distribution of different crops as provided in the standard classification of crops in India ?
A. Dot method
B. Pie diagram
C. Isopleth technique
D. Chorochromatic technique
Ans:- D
6 . Which one of the following does not come under the methods of data classification ?
A. Spatial
B. Normative
C. Qualitative
D. Quantitative
Ans:- A
7. Which one of the following is not a source of data ?
B. Sample survey
C. Population census
D. Administrative records
Ans:- D
8. The essential qualities of a researcher are
A. systematization or theorizing of knowledge
B. reliance on observation and evidence
C. spirit of free enquiry
D. all the above
Ans:- D
9. Research is conducted to
A. Generate new knowledge
B. Obtain research degree
C. Reinterpret existing knowledge
D. All of the above
Ans:- D
10. A hypothesis is a
A. law
B. canon
C. postulate
D. supposition
Ans:- D
11. Suppose you want to investigate the working efficiency of nationalized bank in India, which one of the following would you follow?
A. Area Sampling
B. Quota Sampling
C. Sequential Sampling
D. Multi-stage Sampling
Ans:- D
12. Controlled group condition is applied in
A. Survey Research
B. Historical Research
C. Descriptive Research
D. Experimental Research
Ans:- D
13. Workshops are meant for
A. giving lectures
B. multiple target groups
C. showcase new theories
D. hands on training/experience
Ans:- D
14. Which one of the following is a research tool?
A. Graph
B. Diagram
C. Illustration
D. Questionnaire
Ans:- D
15. Research is not considered ethical if it
A. is not of a very high standard
B. tries to prove a particular point
C. does not investigate the data scientifically
D. does not ensure privacy and anonymity of the respondent
Ans:- D
16. The research that aims at immediate application is
A. Action Research
B. Empirical Research
C. Conceptual Research
D. Fundamental Research
Ans:- A
17. When two or more successive footnotes refer to the same work which one of the following expressions is used ?
A. et.al
B. op.cit
C. loc.cit
D. ibid
Ans:- D
18. Nine year olds are taller than seven year olds. This is an example of a reference drawn from
A. Vertical study
B. Time series study
C. Experimental study
D. Cross-sectional study
Ans:- D
19. Conferences are meant for
A. Group discussions
B. Multiple target groups
C. Show-casing new Research
D. All the above
Ans:- D
20. Ex Post Facto research means
A. The research is carried out after the incident
B. The research is carried out prior to the incident
C. The research is carried out along with the happening of an incident
D. The research is carried out keeping in mind the possibilities of an incident
Ans:- A
21. Research ethics do not include
A. Integrity
B. Honesty 
C. Objectivity
D. Subjectivity
Ans:- D
22 . Which one of the following is an indication of the quality of a research journal?
A. h-index
B. g-index
C. i10-index
D. Impact factor
Ans:- D
23. Good ‘research ethics’ means
A. Assigning a particular research problem to one Ph.D./research student only
B. Submitting the same research manuscript for publishing in more than one journal
C. Not disclosing the holdings of shares/stocks in a company that sponsors your research
D. Discussing with your colleagues confidential data from a research paper that you are reviewing for an academic journal
Ans:- A
24. Which of the following sampling methods is based on probability?
A. Quota sampling
B. Stratified sampling
C. Judgement sampling
D. Convenience sampling
Ans:- B
25. Identify the incorrect statement:
A. Scientific hypothesis is a scientific theory
B. Hypothesis is a proposed explanation for a phenomenon
C. A hypothesis is a basis for reasoning without any assumption of its truth
D. A hypothesis is made on the basis of limited evidence as a starting point for further investigations 
 Ans:- A

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