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Q.1. A dyadic connection between a chief who is offering assistance and a worker to whom such assistance is given. This is known as____________.
(a) Coaching
(b) Advising
(c) Instructing
(d) Making a difference
Ans. (b)
Q.2. The scope of dangerous pressure or Misery is from______________ .
(a) low to direct
(b) moderate to high
(c) high to low
(d) none of these
Ans. (b)
Q.3. The conviction that contention is a characteristic and inescapable result in any gathering is a _____________ .
(a) conventional view
(b) human connection see
(c) interactionist see
(d) practical view
Ans. (b)
Q.4. Occupation expansion, Occupation advancement, Occupation turn and Occupation improvements are the different procedures utilized in an activity.
(a) task examination
(b) work revolution
(c) work growth
(d) Mind-sets
Ans. (a)
Q.5. Occupation Qualities model was created by_______________ .
(a) Hackman and Oldham
(b) Herzberg
(c) Taylor
(d) Fredrick
Ans. (a)
Q.6. _________ assists with creating Position plan.
(a) task investigation
(b) work revolution
(c) work growth
(d) Mind-sets
Ans. (a)
Q.7. Which of coming up next is a composed assertion of the abilities, information, capacities, and different qualities expected to play out a task viably?
(a) Task Investigation
(b) work determination
(c) work growth
(d) Occupation plan
Ans. (b)
Q.8. The work qualities approach was promoted by_____________ .
(a) Maslow
(b) Hackman and Oldham
(c) Taylor
(d) Mayo
Ans. (b)
Q.9. Which one of coming up next isn't a way to deal with work plan?
(a) designing methodology
(b) inspirational speculations (two factor hypotheses)
(c) socio-specialized framework strategy
(d) logical methodology
Ans. (d)
Q.10. Vertical improvement of occupation is known as________________ .
(a) task advancement
(b) work turn
(c) work augmentation
(d) Dispositions
Ans. (a)
Q.11. The strategy that relies for the most part upon the capacity and experience of the administrators for get-together important data about the work is known as the
(a) work rearrangements technique
(b) information gathering strategy
(c) Basic Occurrence
(d) Specialized meeting Technique
Ans. (d)
Q.12. Who has given "Order of Necessities" hypothesis?
(a) Abraham Maslow
(b) McClelland
(c) Frederick Herzberg
(d) Henry Fayol
Ans. (a)
Q.13. Two-Factor Hypothesis is otherwise called ______________ .
(a) Hypothesis X and Y
(b) Inspiration cleanliness hypothesis
(c) Negative and Positive
(d) The entirety of the abovementioned
Ans. (b)
Q.14. Who proposed ERG Hypothesis?
(a) Quality Broadwater
(b) Edwin Locke
(c) Victor Vroom
(d) Clayton Alderfer
Ans. (d)
Q.15. The way toward finding and urging expected candidates to apply for a current or an expected employment opportunities is called_________.
(a) choice
(b) situation
(c) enrollment
(d) acceptance
Ans. (c)
Q.16. Who said "Enrollment is the way toward looking for forthcoming representatives and animating them to go after positions in association"?
(a) Frederick Herzberg
(b) David McClelland
(c) Douglas McGregor
(d) Edwin B. Flippo
Ans. (d)
Q.17. Representative reference is______________ .
(a) an inside technique for enlistment
(b) an aberrant technique for enlistment
(c) outsider technique for enlistment
(d) a web selecting
Ans. (a)
Q.18. Commercials, TV, radio ad.s, and paper ad.s are_______________ technique for enlistment
(a) an inside technique for enlistment
(b) an aberrant technique for enlistment
(c) outsider technique for enrollment
(d) direct selecting
Ans. (b)
Q.19. _____________ is an all-encompassing work test.
(a) Knowledge test
(b) Evaluation Center
(c) Character test
(d) Interest test
Ans. (b)
Q.20. Ascribing qualities to people dependent on their incorporation or participation in a specific gathering is called____________ .
(a) resort to snap judgment
(b) generalizing
(c) mercy
(d) corona impact
Ans. (b)
Q.21. Allocating a particular position and obligation to a worker is known as__________.
(a) job
(b) task
(c) arrangement
(d) determination
Ans. (c)
Q.22. Contributions to the determination interaction incorporate all but_____________.
(a) task investigation
(b) management
(c) HR arranging
(d) work candidates
Ans. (b)
Q.23. Which among the accompanying tests measure fearlessness, inspiration, passionate equilibrium and so forth?
(a) Insight test
(b) Inclination test
(c) Character test
(d) Interest test
Ans. (c)
Q.24. Positive highlights and advantages extended by an association to draw in employment opportunity candidates is known as ___________.
(a) instigation
(b) increase
(c) bundle
(d) pay
Ans. (a)
Q.25. In which of the accompanying strategy for enlistment, representatives are urged to suggest the names of their companions working in different associations for conceivable opportunity soon.
(a) task posting
(b) door employing
(c) grounds enlistment
(d) representative references
Ans. (d)
Q.26. Occupation posting is______________ .
(a) posting of a worker
(b) a strategy for Enlistment
(c) is an examination procedure
(d) a web enrollment
Ans. (b)
Q.27. In which strategy for enlistment, the association plugs employment opportunities on release sheets, electronic media and comparative power source?
(a) Representative references
(b) Occupation Posting
(c) Business detail
(d) Employment opportunity
Ans. (b)
Q.28. A long-range the board data framework plan gives __________ to the turn of events.
(a) bearing
(b) money
(c) control
(d) coordination
Ans. (a)
Q.29. In-bushel strategy for preparing is useful in upgrading
(a) relational abilities
(b) work information
(c) dynamic abilities
(d) authoritative information
Ans. (c)
Q.30. Occupation pivot and various administration technique for preparing is useful in improving ____________.
(a) relational abilities
(b) work information
(c) dynamic abilities
(d) authoritative information
Ans. (d)
Q.31. Preparing Assessment strategies incorporate everything except _____________.
(a) survey
(b) Money saving advantage examination
(c) human asset factor
(d) agenda
Ans. (d)
Q.32. An idea that individuals will in general recurrent reactions that give them some kind of certain reward and stay away from activities related with unfortunate results is called ______________.
(a) Discipline
(b) Positive inspiration
(c) Outdated nature
(d) Support
Ans. (d)
Q.33. All are reproduction techniques for preparing aside from one______________ .
(a) contextual analyses
(b) choice games
(c) pretending
(d) address technique
Ans. (b)
Q.34. Hands on encounters, instructing and understudy techniques for preparing is useful in upgrading ______________.
(a) relational abilities
(b) work information
(c) dynamic abilities
(d) hierarchical information
Ans. (b)
Q.35. Business game and contextual analysis technique for preparing is useful in improving
(a) relational abilities
(b) work information
(c) dynamic abilities
(d) authoritative information
Ans. (c)
Q.36. Worker's organization Act was passed in the year______________ .
(a) 1926
(b) 1936
(c) 1958
(d) 1916
Ans. (a)
Q.37. Rules and guidelines which administer the states of work of laborers is expressed in ______________ .
(a) Standing Requests
(b) Industry Relations
(c) Plants Act
(d) None of these
Ans. (a)
Q.38. JMC stands for_____________ .
(a) Lesser Administration Council
(b) Junior Administration Gathering
(c) Joint Administration Council
(d) Joint Administration Gathering
Ans. (d)
Q.39. Out of incitement, laborers may take to the streets without notice or at an extremely a spur of the moment announcement, such strike is called ________________.
(a) Sectional strike
(b) Lightning strike
(c) Plunk down strike
(d) Informal strike
Ans. (b)
Q.40. JIT stands for_____________ .
(a) Task Guidance Preparing
(b) Occupation Data Preparing
(c) Occupation Impetus Innovation
(d) Occupation Impetus Preparing
Ans. (a)
Q.41. Mechanical Debates Act started in the year_______ .
(a) 1946
(b) 1947
(c) 1948
(d) 1926
Ans. (b)
Q.42. A strike which is begun without the assent of association is called______________ .
(a) Hinder strike
(b) Guard strike
(c) Yearning strike
(d) Informal strike
Ans. (d)
Q.43. Pay will be seen as reasonable on the off chance that it is contained an arrangement of segments created to keep up ______________.
(a) inside value
(b) outer value
(c) both inside and outside value
(d) none of these
Ans. (c)
Q.44. Health care coverage, retirement annuity, installment for additional time, and so on, are __________.
(a) base compensation
(b) variable compensation
(c) benefits
(d) these
Ans. (c)
Q.45. Pay and compensation overview guarantees about_______________ .
(a) Inside value
(b) Outer value
(c) Singular value
(d) Both (a) and (b)
Ans. (b)
Q46. Which among the accompanying recompenses is paid to representatives to empower them to confront the expanding cost of fundamental products?
(a) Reward
(b) Lease recompense
(c) Addition in compensation
(d) Dearness recompense
Ans. (d)
Q.47. Which among every one of the three wages, the lowest pay permitted by law, reasonable pay and living pay is the most noteworthy sort of compensation?
(a). Reasonable compensation
(b) The lowest pay permitted by law
(c) Living compensation
(d) These
Ans. (c)
Q.48. The lowest pay permitted by law can be fixed by______________ .
(a) 60 minutes
(b) day
(c) month
(d) these
Ans. (d)
Q.49. Under which plan if a specialist arrives at the guidelines, he will be paid time wage in addition to a reward at fixed rate (20%) of typical time wage?
(a) Gantt Assignment and Reward Plan
(b) Merrick plan
(c) Halsey Plan
(d) Rowan plan
Ans. (a)
Q.50. Choosing how much a worker ought to be paid noticing inward just as outer value is called _________.
(a) similar worth
(b) wage bend
(c) compensation overview
(d) pay organization

Ans. (d)

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